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Constructor of DefaultHasOneEntityCrudRepository


constructor(getTargetRepository: Getter<TargetRepository> | {
        [repoType: string]: Getter<TargetRepository>;
    }, constraint: DataObject<TargetEntity>, targetResolver: TypeResolver<Entity, typeof Entity>);


Parameter Type Description
getTargetRepository Getter<TargetRepository> | { [repoType: string]: Getter<TargetRepository>; } either a dictionary of target model type - target repository instance or a single target repository instance e.g. if the target is of a non-polymorphic type “Student”, put the studentRepositoryGetterInstance if the target is of a polymorphic type “Person” which can be either a “Student” or a “Teacher” then put “{Student: studentRepositoryGetterInstance, Teacher: teacherRepositoryGetterInstance}
constraint DataObject<TargetEntity> the key value pair representing foreign key name to constrain the target repository instance
targetResolver TypeResolver<Entity, typeof Entity> () => Target to resolve the target class e.g. if the target is of type “Student”, then put “() => Student”