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EntityCrudRepository interface

CRUD operations for a repository of entities


export interface EntityCrudRepository<T extends Entity, ID, Relations extends object = {}> extends EntityRepository<T, ID>, CrudRepository<T, Relations> 

Extends: EntityRepository<T, ID>, CrudRepository<T, Relations>


Property Modifiers Type Description
entityClass   typeof Entity & { prototype: T; }  
inclusionResolvers   Map<string, InclusionResolver<T, Entity>>  


Method Description
delete(entity, options) Delete an entity
deleteById(id, options) Delete an entity by id
exists(id, options) Check if an entity exists for the given id
findById(id, filter, options) Find an entity by id, return a rejected promise if not found.
replaceById(id, data, options) Replace an entity by id
save(entity, options) Save an entity. If no id is present, create a new entity
update(entity, options) Update an entity
updateById(id, data, options) Update an entity by id with property/value pairs in the data object