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HasOneDefinition interface


export interface HasOneDefinition extends RelationDefinitionBase 

Extends: RelationDefinitionBase


Property Modifiers Type Description
keyFrom?   string (Optional)
keyTo?   string <p>(Optional) keyTo: The foreign key used by the target model for this relation. keyFrom: The source key used by the source model for this relation.</p><p>E.g. when a Customer has one Address instance, then keyTo is “customerId”. Note that “customerId” is the default FK assumed by the framework, users can provide a custom FK name by setting “keyTo”. And is keyFrom. keyFrom defaults to the id property of a model. Users can provide a custom source key name by setting “keyTo”.</p>
polymorphic?   boolean | { discriminator: string; } (Optional) The polymorphism of the target model. The discriminator is a key of source model. If the target model is not polymorphic, then the value should be left undefined or false; If the key on source model indicating the concrete class of the target instance is default i.e. camelCase(classNameOf(throughModelInstance)) + “Id” Then the discriminator field can be undefined
targetsMany   false  
type   RelationType.hasOne