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RepositoryMixinDoc class

A dummy class created to generate the tsdoc for the members in repository mixin. Please don’t use it.

The members are implemented in function RepositoryMixin


export declare class RepositoryMixinDoc 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(args)   Constructs a new instance of the RepositoryMixinDoc class


Method Modifiers Description
component(component)   Add a component to this application. Also mounts all the components repositories.
dataSource(dataSource, name)   Add the dataSource to this application.
getRepository(repo)   Retrieve the repository instance from the given Repository class
migrateSchema(options)   <p>Update or recreate the database schema for all repositories.</p><p>**WARNING**: By default, migrateSchema() will attempt to preserve data while updating the schema in your target database, but this is not guaranteed to be safe.</p><p>Please check the documentation for your specific connector(s) for a detailed breakdown of behaviors for automigrate!</p>
mountComponentRepository(component)   Get an instance of a component and mount all it’s repositories. This function is intended to be used internally by component()
repository(repo)   Add a repository to this application.