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service-proxy package

A common set of interfaces for interacting with service oriented backends such as REST APIs, SOAP Web Services, and gRPC microservices.


Class Description
ServiceMixinDoc <p>A dummy class created to generate the tsdoc for the members in service mixin. Please don’t use it.</p><p>The members are implemented in function ServiceMixin</p>
ServiceProxyMetadata Metadata for a service proxy


Function Description
getService(ds) Get a service proxy from a LoopBack 3.x data source backed by service-oriented connectors such as rest, soap, and grpc.
ServiceMixin(superClass) A mixin class for Application that creates a .serviceProvider() function to register a service automatically. Also overrides component function to allow it to register repositories automatically.


Interface Description
ApplicationWithServices Interface for an Application mixed in with ServiceMixin
Class Interface for classes with new operator.
GenericService A generic service interface with any number of methods that return a promise


Namespace Description


Variable Description

Type Aliases

Type Alias Description
ServiceProxyDecorator Type definition for decorators returned by @serviceProxy decorator factory