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Commands Description See
lb4 controller Add a new controller to a LoopBack 4 application Controller generator
lb4 datasource Add a new datasource to a LoopBack 4 application DataSource generator
lb4 import-lb3-models Import one or more LoopBack 3 models to a LoopBack 4 application Importer for LoopBack 3 models
lb4 model Add a new model to a LoopBack 4 application Model generator
lb4 relation Add a relation between two models in a LoopBack 4 application Relation generator
lb4 repository Add new repositories for selected model(s) to a LoopBack 4 application Repository generator
lb4 service Add a new remote or local service to a LoopBack 4 application Service generator
lb4 openapi Generate controllers and models from OpenAPI specs OpenAPI generator
lb4 discover Discover models from relational databases Model Discovery
lb4 observer Generate life cycle observers for application start/stop Life cycle observer generator
lb4 interceptor Generate interceptors Global interceptor generator
lb4 rest-crud Generate rest configs for model endpoints Model endpoint generator