LoopBack Express Hapi Sails Restify Meteor
Type API framework HTTP server library HTTP server framework Web MVC framework REST HTTP library Full-stack JavaScript app platform
Top Features Enterprise connectivity, API Explorer, generators, client SDKs, websocket microservices HTTP routing, middleware Modularity, security Rails familiarity, MVC Simplicity, REST routing Universal JavaScript, reactive rendering, websocket microservices
Suitable For Web apps, APIs Simple web apps Web apps, APIs Web apps, APIs Simple REST APIs Web apps
Github Stars 8k 29k 7k 16k 6k 36k
Support IBM/StrongLoop IBM/StrongLoop N/A N/A N/A Meteor Development Group
Pure Node runtime Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Client SDKs Angular, Browser, Node.js, iOS, Android, Xamarin N/A None None None JavaScript, Cordova for iOS and Android, React, AngularJS
Export API Definition Yes With strong-remoting None None None With meteor-rest
Tools API Explorer, CLI code generators CLI app generator Yeoman generator Yeoman generator Yeoman generator CLI tool
Extensions Push, File Storage, Passport, OAuth 2.0, Express Middleware Express / Connect Middleware Hapi Plugins Proprietary package system and repository, npm
Data sources In-memory/file, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, ATG, Email, REST, SOAP, many more. None None In-memory, File, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB None MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL via 3rd-party packages
ACLs Yes No No No No Basic allow/deny

Who's using LoopBack?

"We are excited to be collaborating with StrongLoop on our Reseller API. Co-developing a solution with the industry leader in Node has allowed us to accelerate the delivery of solutions to our reseller partners and drive revenue growth for them. Our external API is an incredibly important aspect of our overall technical strategy."

— Elissa Murphy, GoDaddy Chief Technology Officer

"When we set out to build our ERP system for the aviation industry we carefully researched various options. Node.js and the LoopBack framework came out far ahead. Its powerful features and built-in functionality made it incredibly quick and easy. Plus, LoopBack’s ability to auto-generate the entire API layer makes it a winner."

— Lee Johnson, FlightOffice CEO & Founder

"FoKo is using Loopback to create a whole new backend for a photo-sharing application specifically for enterprises. Loopback has allowed us to move away from Parse and we are now using Loopback with MongoDB, Redis, and Amazon S3. We are moving quite fast with such an awesome product and have already made contributions back to the LoopBack project."

— Benjamin Boudreau, FoKo Software Developer


See the full documentation, regularly updated and improved. Detailed API reference documentation is also available. Follow Getting Started with LoopBack to get up to speed quickly.

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