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LoopBack 4: Build Amazing APIs

LoopBack 4 is the next step in the evolution of LoopBack.

A Brand New Core

A brand new LoopBack core to deliver great extensibility and flexibility written in TypeScript/ES2017.

OpenAPI Spec Driven REST API

Create powerful APIs easily with a new creation experience for defining REST API's and handling API requests/responses.

Unbelievably Extensible

A new, improved programming model with Dependency Injection and new concepts such as Components, Mixins, Repositories, etc. make this the most extensible version yet.

GraphQL Support

Using OpenAPI-to-GraphQL, create a GraphQL interface for any REST API. Learn more...

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What our users say

"SourceFuse builds innovative applications for enterprises. After having used most Node.js frameworks, we are excited to select LoopBack V4 as a our go-to framework for delivering secure and scalable systems to our clients. To that end, SourceFuse is investing heavily in training it's staff on the best practices LoopBack V4 offers and giving back to the open source community by contributing to the project and organizing meetups for the local Node.js community."

- Kabir Singh Chandhoke, Chief Operating Officer, SourceFuse
"At Humans of Code, we always wanted a reliable node based backend that helps us with very rapid prototyping and has a way forward to production release at scale. LoopBack stood high amongst all other frameworks over time. Almost 80% of our user stories get covered with the 20% of generated code. LB provided us with a great leverage on time so that we can focus on business logic, rather than boilerplate code. With LoopBack 4 released and added support for TypeScript, we are excited for the great things ahead."

- Vivek Dwivedi, Founder, Humans of Code

"The Fundrails platform is built with LoopBack and industry leading technologies to enable integration with different providers, blockchain and expose APIs for our partners to consume. Our ubiquitous API (and GraphQL endpoint) powers an end-to-end digital onboarding, transfer agency for funds and integrations to our customer's fund accounting solutions."

- Kowsheek Mahmood, CTO, Fundrails
"When we set out to build our ERP system for the aviation industry we carefully researched various options. Node.js and the LoopBack framework came out far ahead. Its powerful features and built-in functionality made it incredibly quick and easy. Plus, LoopBack’s ability to auto-generate the entire API layer makes it a winner."

- Lee Johnson, FlightOffice CEO & Founder

"We are excited to be collaborating with StrongLoop on our Reseller API. Co-developing a solution with the industry leader in Node has allowed us to accelerate the delivery of solutions to our reseller partners and drive revenue growth for them. Our external API is an incredibly important aspect of our overall technical strategy."

- Elissa Murphy, GoDaddy Chief Technology Officer
"FoKo is using LoopBack to create a whole new backend for a photo-sharing application specifically for enterprises. Loopback has allowed us to move away from Parse and we are now using Loopback with MongoDB, Redis, and Amazon S3. We are moving quite fast with such an awesome product and have already made contributions back to the LoopBack project."

- Benjamin Boudreau, FoKo Software Developer

"Our company has been using LoopBack for several years. We started using it from its beginnings and the truth is that we love this new version. We want to congratulate the Strongloop Team from PTG Team for making developer's life a bit easier."

- Jesús Mora, CTO & Co-Founder, Pitagorines Group
"I applaud the effort and dedication taken to build such high-quality, robust and modern framework, which is a key piece in our architecture since years ago. It accelerates our development efforts insanely, saving us a precious time designing and deploying our REST APIs at Fixr. One of our best choices! Thank you team!"

- Antonio Parraga, CTO & Co-Founder, Fixr

"We use LoopBack to solve our client needs with rapid development, so we can focus on biz rules to get an awesome solution."

- Oliver Cera, CEO, Kumisoft

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