LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework

LoopBack 4, the next step in the evolution of LoopBack!
A completely redesigned modular framework especially for API developers.

Building on LoopBack's success as an open-source Node.js framework, IBM API Connect provides a graphical tool with many of the API composition features of StrongLoop Arc, a built-in API Micro Gateway, and a CLI with API management and gateway features.

API Connect Essentials is free to use! For more information, see API Connect - Getting Started.


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Set up models and create REST APIs in minutes

  • Easy-to-use CLI wizard
  • Create models based on your schema if you have one
  • Create dynamic models if you don't
  • Built-in API Explorer

Model relation support

  • Define hasMany, belongsTo, hasAndBelongsToMany relationships
  • Automatically generates corresponding relational REST endpoints

Easy authentication and authorization setup

  • Built-in role-based access controls
  • oAuth user and registration models baked in
  • Add custom policies using CLI or JSON
  • Browser support (JSONP and CORS)

MIT Open-Source license


Connect to backend data stores

  • MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres and others
  • Other REST services
  • Discovery APIs for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server

Run Ad-hoc queries

  • Run dynamic queries on devices, browsers and the server
  • Support for NoSQL-style queries against relational databases

Client SDKs

Native Mobile and Browser SDKs

  • Easily persist data with a database API on the client
  • Android / Java
  • iOS
  • Browser JavaScript (Angular)

Add-on components

Third-party login

  • Use-third party login providers like Facebook, Google, GitHub, etc.
  • Map inbound and outbound credentials to users

Storage service

  • Integrate with cloud storage providers
  • Organize data in containers and files