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Commands Description Workaround in LB4
lb bluemix Create a new application destined in Bluemix We have several tutorials on how to deploy a LoopBack 4 application to the IBM Cloud: Deploying to Cloud Foundry on IBM Cloud, Deploying to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud, Deploying to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud using Appsody
lb property Adds properties to an existing model Open the model file, and manually add a new property.
lb acl Adds acl settings to models The access-control-migration example demonstrates how to implement a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system in LoopBack 4 using the AuthenticationComponent and AuthorizationComponent components. Also, see Migrating authentication and authorization for more details.
lb remote-method Adds a new remote method to an application Open the model's controller file, add a new controller method, and decorate the new method with the appropriate rest decorator to define the new REST API endpoint. See Writing controller methods for more details. Depending on the purpose of this new controller method, you may also need to add a new method to the model's repository.
lb middleware Add new middleware to the application There is work in progress to enable express middleware in the form of interceptors that you will need to create and register. Also, see Migrating Express middleware for more details.
lb boot-script Creates a skeleton boot script in server/boot directory. Allows for customized intialization of anything during boot phase Create a lifecycle observer to run custom code during different phases of the application's lifecycle; including startup. See Migrating boot scripts for more details.
lb export-api-def Export the application's API definitions to a YAML or JSON file Visit the application's /openapi.json endpoint to access your OpenAPI specification in JSON format, or the /openapi.yaml endpoint for YAML. Alternatively, the OpenAPI specification file can also be accessed in code through the getApiSpec() function from your RestServer instance. Read Reviewing your API Specification for more details.
lb soap Create a SOAP client based on a SOAP service's WSDL file See Calling other APIs and web services for the simple steps required to connect to a SOAP service.