The LoopBack SDK Builder generates LoopBack client applications for Angular 2 / TypeScript that can run in web, progressive, and native mobile applications using the Angular CLI, Angular Mobile Toolkit, Ionic 2, or NativeScript 2.
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LoopBack SDK Builder

Disclaimer: This project is not longer extended or improved by the author Jonathan Casarrubias, though any PR improving or extending the SDK Builder will be accepted and integrated. Therefore, this module will continue to grow as long as the community keeps sending patches.

The @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder is a community driven module forked from the official loopback-sdk-angular and refactored to support Angular 2+.

The LoopBack SDK Builder will explore your LoopBack Application and will automatically build everything you need to start writing your Angular 2 Applications right away. From Interfaces and Models to API Services and Real-time communications.


$ cd to/loopback/project
$ npm install --save-dev @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder



Official Communication

As I communicated before I’m not longer personally supporting any module related to LoopBack, even though it took me months, the decision was made based in the following arguments:

  • 1.- They decided to build from scratch an incompatible version of LB, dictating the end of most of the modules I built.
  • 2.- While trying to maintain LB3<= modules and to create new LB4+ modules I found the LB Framework was getting more and more unstable (Just 1 Example)
  • 3.- After a while I felt they were focusing too much in a framework supposed to be released in 2019, while the original work was getting more and more unstable, I had several problems with my own customers, not having answers for simple questions I shouldn’t bother to answer or even deal with.
  • 4.- After I personally requested the Senior guys to focus on fix the current problems, I was answered they expect the community not only to build the new modules, but to fix the old ones.

Based on those arguments, though I was excited for LB4, I simply found it doesn’t worth the cost, time and pain to keep using, extending or maintaining anything related to LoopBack.

So, I had great time and great experience using LoopBack a while, before when it was stable and cool, for now I have decided not to flavourize any framework and started my own venture OnixJS trying to fix all of those issues and more….. (I’m not even talking about Angular 2 shitty problems, they’ll get their moment)

Cheers Jon


Discuss features and ask questions on @johncasarrubias at Twitter.

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