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API Reference


Package Description
@loopback/authentication A LoopBack 4 component for authentication support.
@loopback/authentication-passport An adapter to plug in passport based strategies to the authentication system in @loopback/authentication @3.x.
@loopback/authorization A LoopBack 4 component for authorization support (Role based, Permission based, Vote based)
@loopback/core The core foundation for LoopBack 4. It can also serve as the platform to build large-scale Node.js applications and frameworks.
@loopback/filter A set of utility typings and filter builders to aid in constructing LoopBack filters using the builder pattern.
@loopback/health A component to report health status using @cloudnative/health.
@loopback/http-caching-proxy A caching HTTP proxy for integration tests.
@loopback/http-server HTTP / HTTPS server endpoints for LoopBack 4 apps.
@loopback/metadata A package with utilities to help developers implement TypeScript decorators, define/merge metadata, and inspect metadata.
@loopback/metrics A component that reports metrics of Node.js, the LoopBack framework, and your application to Prometheus.
@loopback/model-api-builder A packge with types and helpers for packages contributing Model API builders.
@loopback/openapi-spec-builder A package to simplify creating OpenAPI specification documents in your tests using the builder pattern.
@loopback/openapi-v3 Decorators that describe LoopBack artifacts as OpenAPI 3.0.0 metadata and utilities that transfer LoopBack metadata to OpenAPI 3.0.0 specifications.
@loopback/repository-json-schema Convert a TypeScript class/model to a JSON Schema for users, leveraging LoopBack4’s decorators, metadata, and reflection system.
@loopback/repository-tests A test suite verifying functionality of @loopback/repository in a connector -independent way.
@loopback/rest The REST API package for loopback-next.
@loopback/rest-crud REST API controller implementing default CRUD semantics.
@loopback/rest-explorer A LoopBack 4 component for adding a self-hosted REST API Explorer.
@loopback/security Common types/interfaces for LoopBack 4 security including authentication and authorization.
@loopback/testlab A collection of test utilities we use to write LoopBack tests.
@loopback/tsdocs The @loopback/tsdocs package is an internal module to generate tsdoc based API docs for @loopback/* packages within loopback-next monorepo managed by Lerna.