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In LoopBack 3, a component contributes mixins by providing files exporting mixin functions, for example:

// lib/my-mixin.js
module.exports = myMixin(Model, options) {
   // modify the target model provided in `Model`
   // apply configuration as specified in `options`

In LoopBack 4, models are architecturally decoupled into 3 entities (a model, a repository and a controller), as further explained in Migrating models and Migrating custom model methods. As a result, most LoopBack 3 mixins become a set of multiple mixins in LoopBack 4.

To migrate a mixin from a LoopBack 3 component to a LoopBack 4 component:

  1. Follow the steps described in Migrating model mixins to convert your mixin implementation to LB4 style. We recommend to put the new files to src/mixins directory in your LB4 component project.

  2. Modify your LB4 component to export the mixins - add export statements to components src/index.ts file. For example:

    // src/index.ts
    export * from './mixins/my-mixin';
  3. Update your documentation to show how to apply the new mixins in LoopBack 4 applications, use the content provided in Migrating model mixins for inspiration.