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Create your app scaffolding

Let’s start by creating the initial application by running the following command:

lb4 app soap-calculator --repositories --services

Note: The option –repositories instructs the CLI to include a RepositoryMixin class in the application constructor which will be needed when we create the datasource. The option –services instructs the CLI to include a ServiceMixin class in the application constructor which will be needed to register our SOAP service client.

LB4 will ask you a few questions (you can leave the default options). The description and the root directory are obvious. The class name referes to the main application class name for your project that will be located in the application.ts file.

? Project description: soap-calculator
? Project root directory: soap-calculator
? Application class name: (SoapCalculatorApplication)

Next you will see a list of options for the build settings, if you did not specify --repositories and --services in the last command, then you will see them in this list, make sure you enable both the repository and the services for the application.

Note: Enable all options, unless you know what you are doing, see The Getting Started guide for more information.

? Select features to enable in the project:
❯◉ Enable tslint: add a linter with pre-configured lint rules
 ◉ Enable prettier: add new npm scripts to facilitate consistent code formatting
 ◉ Enable mocha: install mocha to assist with running tests
 ◉ Enable loopbackBuild: use @loopback/build helpers (e.g. lb-tslint)
 ◉ Enable vscode: add VSCode config files
 ◉ Enable repositories: include repository imports and RepositoryMixin
 ◉ Enable services: include service-proxy imports and ServiceMixin

Run the Application

The next step is to change to the soap-calculator directory and run it, note that LB4 automatically installed the dependency packages for you, so no need to run npm install before running it.

cd soap-calculator
npm start

You will see the app running on port 3000 by default, you can point your browser to http://localhost:3000/ping and see a greeting message from LB4.

NOTE: Press Ctrl-C to stop running the application and continue to the next step.

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