A tutorial on using `@loopback/rest-explorer` to add a self-hosted REST API Explorer
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This module contains a component adding a self-hosted REST API Explorer to LoopBack applications.


npm install --save @loopback/rest-explorer

Basic use

The component should be loaded in the constructor of your custom Application class. Applications scaffolded by recent versions of our lb4 CLI tool have the self-hosted REST API Explorer pre-configured out of the box.

Start by importing the component class:

import {RestExplorerComponent} from '@loopback/rest-explorer';

In the constructor, add the component to your application:


By default, API Explorer is mounted at /explorer. This path can be customized via RestExplorer configuration as follows:

  path: '/openapi/ui',

NOTE: The Explorer UI’s visual style is not customizable yet. Our recommended solution is to create a fork of this module, make any style changes in the fork and publish the modified module under a different name. The GitHub issue #2023 is requesting a configuration option for customizing the visual style, please up-vote the issue and/or join the discussion if you are interested in this feature.



Run npm test from the root folder.


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