Contributions to the LoopBack project are welcome!
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LoopBack has an active and growing open-source community.

For LoopBack 4, components are stored in a monorepo. As such, all work on the project occurs in GitHub, primarily in the following repositories:

LoopBack 3 is under Maintenance LTS (critical bugs and security fixes only) but we still welcome contributions from the community. Read more in our blog article.

All work on LoopBack 3 occurs in GitHub, primarily in the following repositories:

See LoopBack 3.0 for a complete list of repositories.


You can contribute to the LoopBack project in several ways. All contributions are welcome!

Reporting issues

A relatively easy way to contribute is by reporting new issues; see Reporting issues for general guidelines.

New issues start in an un-labelled state. During triage, if the requirements and/or steps-to-reproduce are clear, the issue is labelled as “bug” or “enhancement”. If the issue description is not good enough, leave a comment asking the reporter to provide the specific information needed, and label the issue as “triage”. Issues that are questions will be redirected to the mailing list and closed straight away.

Contributing to code

If you’re interested in contributing to the code, be sure to read the code contribution guidelines first. A good place to start is the list of open and beginner friendly issues.

For code donated by community members and other community-led projects, check out the GitHub StrongLoop Community Org.

Contributing to documentation

We welcome input and help with the documentation. If you’re interested in contributing to the documentation, see Contributing to LoopBack documentation.

Communication channels

The LoopBack community carries on lively discussions in several places:

Feel free to learn and participate by asking and answering questions.

Blogs and other social media

Do you have a blog post or other content on LoopBack? Send us a link and we’ll promote your work and send you some schwag!