All content is formatted in markdown, with some additional Jekyll directives.
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LoopBack documentation pages are formatted in GitHub-flavored markdown, with some additional features from Jekyll.

Additional include templates

For the LoopBack project, we’ve added several additional include templates:

  • “See also”
  • “Styled box”
  • “Code caption” - see Code samples

See also template

{% include see-also.html content="This is a right-aligned box where I can add relevant links and the like:
- [Contributing to LoopBack documentation](index.html)
- [Authoring pages](pages.html)
- [Code samples](code_samples.html)
" %}

See also:

This is a right-aligned box where you can add relevant links and the like:

Displays the box shown at right. Note that sometimes you may need to add <br clear="all"/> somewhere in your page to make it layout properly with the surrounding content.

If you don’t want the “See also” title, then add title=false as a parameter.

Styled box template

Puts the content in a highlight box, styled as below. You can add/change style with the style parameter.

This is some content. You can even have a bullet list:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
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