The Jekyll theme provide several ways to provide navigation
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The navigation elements in this theme are

  • Sidebar navigation - The most important navigation tool.
  • Tags, that are similar to labels or categories in other systems,
  • Global “top navigation” bar, explained below.

Configuring the top navigation

The _data/topnav.yml file defines the top navigation bar that includes these menus:

  • View: Links to different LoopBack versions, the Contributing space, Community Projects, and the Overview pages (e.g. home page and
  • Resources: External links, e.g. the Google Group forum.
  • Translations: Community translations.

For external URLs, use external_url in the item property, as shown in the example topnav.yml file. This will display the external link glyph and make the link open in a new browser tab. For internal links, use url as in the sidebar data files.

The topnav.yml file has two sections: topnav and topnav_dropdowns. The topnav section contains single links, while the topnav_dropdowns section contains dropdown menus. The two sections are independent of each other.