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In addition to the examples that LoopBack provides and maintains, this page lists the examples created by the community.


Example Description
loopback4-example-multiservers Sets up multiple RestServers
loopback4-example-websocket Exposes Websocket endpoints in conjunction with LoopBack controllers
loopback4-example-serverless Leverages TypeScript, LoopBack 4 Dependency Injection, and Webpack to create serverless functions/actions
loopback4-external-apis Calls REST and SOAP services from a LoopBack application


Example Description
loopback4-example-auth0 Uses Auth0 for JWT based authentication.
Loopback4-auth Adds JWT authentication to LoopBack 4 application


Example Description
loopback4-Authorization Implementation of your own authorization strategy in Loopback-4 by adding permission properties in User model
Example Description
loopback4-example-todo-angular Takes the OpenAPI spec from a LoopBack 4 application and use `ng-openapi-gen` to generate the models and web client in an existing Angular application.