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It’s super easy to start developing in Node.js, but challenges will get in the way as your project grows with more and more modules, components, developers, teams, and releases. If you are building on an open framework or large-scale application, you probably have increasing number of hmm moments in deciding between Be less opinionated and Don’t repeat yourself.

To set a solid foundation to build LoopBack 4, we have developed an extensible and composable core in TypeScript with set of design patterns into the framework to help you create open APIs or applications that are positioned to scale in various perspectives.

This is a series of tutorials to illustrate how to leverage core modules from LoopBack 4 to build an application aiming to be extensible, composable, and scalable. After finishing the tutorials, you will have a good understanding of common pain points in building large scale Node.js projects and learn how to apply certain patterns to make the foundation of their projects much more extensible and composable so that developers can easily leverage, customize, and extend the core to create meaningful user experiences with great flexibility and productivity.

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