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LoopBack 4 comes with the following example projects:

  • hello-world: An example showing how to set up a simple application using LoopBack 4.

  • rpc-server: An example showing how to implement a made-up RPC protocol.

You can download the example projects using our CLI tool lb4:

$ lb4 example
? What example would you like to clone? (Use arrow keys)
> todo: Tutorial example on how to build an application with LoopBack 4.
  todo-list: Continuation of the todo example using relations in LoopBack 4.
  hello-world: A simple hello-world Application using LoopBack 4.
  log-extension: An example extension project for LoopBack 4.
  rpc-server: A basic RPC server using a made-up protocol.
  soap-calculator: An example on how to integrate SOAP web services.
  express-composition: A simple Express application that uses LoopBack 4 REST API.

Please follow the instructions in Install LoopBack4 CLI if you don’t have lb4 installed yet.