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In addition to the extensions that LoopBack provides and maintains, there are a number of extensions created by the open source community.

To create a LoopBack extension, see Extending LoopBack 4 documentation page for details. It is recommended to use the extension generator to scaffold a new extension.

The following table lists some of the community extensions. See for a complete list.


Extension Description
loopback4-soft-delete Adds soft-delete feature to your models and repositories
loopback4-helmet Integrate helmetjs in LoopBack applications
loopback4-ratelimiter Provide rate limiting in LoopBack applications
loopback4-notifications Add different notification mechanisms vis-à-vis, Push, SMS, Email, to any LoopBack 4 based REST API application or microservice
loopback4-s3 Integrate AWS S3 in LoopBack applications
loopback-component-history Soft create, edit, delete models, saving history of changes
loopback-component-filter Filter models in repository layer, using an async function
@sourceloop/vault HashiCorp's Vault integration in loopback applications
@sourceloop/audit-log Implement audit logs in loopback applications for all DB transactions
loopback-rabbitmq An Rabbitmq extension that implements Queue consumers and producers
loopback4-dynamic-datasource Connect data sources dynamically during runtime
Extension Description
loopback4-authentication Provide support for five passport based strategies
loopback4-authorization Implement authorization using simple string based permissions
loopback-component-crud Generic CRUD controller mixin, supports authentication, nested authorization(cascade)
loopback-component-authorization Implement HRBAC authorization