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The lb4 update command runs inside a LoopBack 4 project and checks dependencies against the current version of @loopback/cli. By default, it checks for exact match. Use --semver option to check compatibility using semver semantics.

lb4 update [options]

The key benefit of lb4 update over npm update is that lb4 update honors the collection of compatible LoopBack packages (and their dependencies) that are released with the current lb4 command from @loopback/cli.

If the command is run without a LoopBack 4 project, it prints the version of the current CLI and versions of LoopBack packages that are released with the @loopback/cli. This is the same as lb4 -v.


--semver : (Optional) Use semver semantics to check version compatibility for project dependencies of LoopBack modules. Without this option, lb4 update performs exact version match between the project dependency and the one from running CLI template, for example, "@loopback/core": "^1.2.1" is considered different from "@loopback/core":"^1.2.2". The --semver flag relaxes the check to allow "@loopback/core": "^1.2.1" to be compatible with "@loopback/core": "^1.2.2" (a new patch version), but not "@loopback/core": "^2.0.0" (a new major version).


Assuming you have a project my-app scaffolded with version 1.0.1 of @loopback/cli and you install a newer version (1.24.0) of @loopback/cli, running lb4 update against my-app will produce the following output:

The project was originally generated by @loopback/cli@1.0.1.
The following dependencies are incompatible with @loopback/cli@1.24.0:
- @types/node: ^10.14.6 (cli ^10.17.3)
- @loopback/boot: ^1.2.7 (cli ^1.5.10)
- @loopback/build: ^1.5.4 (cli ^2.0.15)
- @loopback/core: ^1.7.0 (cli ^1.10.6)
- @loopback/repository: ^1.5.5 (cli ^1.15.3)
- @loopback/rest: ^1.11.2 (cli ^1.22.0)
- @loopback/testlab: ^1.2.9 (cli ^1.9.3)
- @loopback/service-proxy: ^1.1.10 (cli ^1.3.10)
? How do you want to proceed? Upgrade project dependencies
- Dependency @loopback/boot: ^1.2.7 => ^1.5.10
- Dependency @loopback/core: ^1.7.0 => ^1.10.6
- Dependency @loopback/repository: ^1.5.5 => ^1.15.3
- Dependency @loopback/rest: ^1.11.2 => ^1.22.0
- Dependency @loopback/service-proxy: ^1.1.10 => ^1.3.10
- DevDependency @loopback/build: ^1.5.4 => ^2.0.15
- DevDependency @loopback/testlab: ^1.2.9 => ^1.9.3
- DevDependency @types/node: ^10.14.6 => ^10.17.3
Upgrading dependencies may break the current project.
 conflict package.json
? Overwrite package.json? overwrite
    force package.json