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Operation hooks are not supported in LoopBack 4 yet. See the Operation hooks for models/repositories spike to follow the progress made on this subject.

In the meantime, we are providing a temporary API for enabling operation hooks in LoopBack 4: override DefaultCrudRepository’s definePersistedModel method in the model’s repository.

The definePersistedModel method of DefaultCrudRepository returns a model class on which you can apply the LoopBack 3 operation hooks. Make sure to return the model class from your repository’s definePersistedModel method.

Here is an example of a repository implementing definePersistedModel and applying an operation hook on a model:

class ProductRepository extends DefaultCrudRepository<
> {
  constructor(dataSource: juggler.DataSource) {
    super(Product, dataSource);

  definePersistedModel(entityClass: typeof Product) {
    const modelClass = super.definePersistedModel(entityClass);
    modelClass.observe('before save', async ctx => {
      console.log(`going to save ${ctx.Model.modelName}`);
    return modelClass;

Although possible, we are not providing an API which directly exposes the observe method of the model class. The current API makes the registration of operation hooks a process that is possible only at the time when the model class is attached to the repository and accidental registration of the same operation hook multiple times becomes obvious. With an API which directly exposes the observe method of the model class, this would not have been possible.