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LoopBack 4 comes with the following tutorials:

  • todo: Tutorial on building a simple application with LoopBack 4 key concepts using bottom-up approach.

  • todo-list: Tutorial on introducing related models and building their API from the Todo tutorial

  • soap-calculator: Tutorial on integrating SOAP web services.

  • log-extension: Tutorial on building a log extension.

  • express-composition: Tutorial on mounting LoopBack 4 REST API on an Express application.

  • lb3-application: Tutorial on mounting an existing LoopBack 3 application in a new LoopBack 4 project.

  • core series: A series of tutorials on building large scale Node.js projects with LoopBack 4 core modules

You can download any of the tutorial projects using our CLI tool lb4:

lb4 example <tutorial-name>

Please follow the instructions in Install LoopBack4 CLI if you don’t have lb4 installed yet.