LoopBack is a platform for building APIs and microservices in Node.js

GitHub Repo

LoopBack 4 framework code is being developed in one “mono-repository”: loopback-next rather than dozens of different repos, as in v3. Components will be in their own individual repositories, however.

Built for API developers

  • Define your API endpoints and schemas using the OpenAPI standard.
  • Write your endpoints in modern JavaScript using ES2017, async / await, modules.
  • Use your defined endpoints and schemas as the source of truth without generating code.

Built for teams

  • Review changes to API endpoints without digging through JavaScript.
  • Maintain consistency by automating the validation of your endpoints and schemas.
  • First class support for TypeScript (strongly typed JavaScript).

Built for your platform

  • Use LoopBack as a starting point for your own framework or platform.
  • Build libraries of reusable components in a standardized way.
  • Integrate with databases, web services, and other platforms using connectors.