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LoopBack JSON-RPC Connector

The LoopBack JSON-RPC Connector allows you to call JSON-RPC services from LoopBack models. It uses jayson as the client library.


    var ds = loopback.createDataSource({
        connector: require("loopback-connector-jsonrpc"),
        debug: false,
        baseURL: 'http://localhost:3000',
        operations: ['add', 'subtract']});

    var model = ds.createModel('dummy');

    model.add(1, 2, function(err, data) {
        console.log(err, data);

Options to configure the connector:

  • url: Base URL to the json-rpc server
  • operations: An array of operation names

You can also configure the baseURL as follows.

    host: 'localhost',
    port: 3000

Other properties will be passed to jayson.

  • reviver: Function to use as a JSON reviver
  • replacer: Function to use as a JSON replacer
  • generator: Function to generate request ids with. If omitted, Jayson will just generate a “random” number that is RFC4122 compliant and looks similar to this: 3d4be346-b5bb-4e28-bc4a-0b721d4f9ef9
  • version: Can be either 1 or 2 depending on which specification should be followed in communicating with the server. Defaults to 2 for JSON-RPC 2.0
  • encoding: String that determines the encoding to use and defaults to utf8