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The Geopoint object is a LoopBack data type that represents a physical location.

loopback-datasource-juggler and strong-remoting modules use this object to facilitate use of GeoPoint data type in a LoopBack model properties and remote methods.

Create a new GeoPoint object:

For example, to create a GeoPoint object in LoopBack:

var loopback = require(loopback);
var here = new loopback.GeoPoint({lat: 10.32424, lng: 5.84978});

The constructor requires two values:

  • lat: Latitude point in degrees. Range: -90 to 90.
  • lng: Longitude point in degrees. Range: -180 to 180

Call the constructor with any of the following arguments:

  • Two numbers, for example new GeoPoint(10.32, 5.84)
  • Number string of form “lat, lng”, for example new GeoPoint('10.32, 5.84')
  • Array with two number elements: [lat, lng], for example new GeoPoint([10.32, 5.84])
  • Object with two number properties: lat and lng, for example new GeoPoint({ lat: 10.32, lng: 5.84})

Using GeoPoint type

In a LoopBack model, declare a GeoPoint property in the model JSON file, for example:

"properties": {
    "location": {
      "type": "GeoPoint"

Or programmatically:

var CoffeeShop = loopback.createModel('coffee-shop', {
  location: 'GeoPoint'

In remote methods, set ‘accepts’ and ‘returns’ argument types for remote method to GeoPoint type; for example, in a remote method getNearbyLocation for model MyModel:


 MyModel.remoteMethod('getNearbyLocation', {
        accepts: {arg: 'loc', type: 'GeoPoint'},
        returns: {arg: 'location', type: 'GeoPoint'}


GeoPoint.distanceBetween(pointA, pointB [, options])

This static method returns the spherical distance between two GeoPoints. The options object is optional.

For example:

loopback = require('loopback');
var here = new loopback.GeoPoint({ lat: 40.77492964101182, lng: -73.90950187151662});
var there = new loopback.GeoPoint({ lat: 40.7753227, lng: -73.909217 });

var distance = loopback.GeoPoint.distanceBetween(here, there);  // 0.03097916611592679


Name Type Description
pointA GeoPoint Point A
pointB GeoPoint Point B
options Object Options object with one key, ‘type’. See below.


Name Type Description
type String Unit of measurement, one of:
miles (default)

geoPoint.distanceTo(point, options)

This instance method returns the spherical distance to the given point. NOTE: The options object is required.

For example:

var loopback = require('loopback');

var here = new loopback.GeoPoint( {lat: 10, lng: 10} );
var there = new loopback.GeoPoint( {lat: 5, lng: 5} );

console.log( here.distanceTo( there, {type: 'miles'} ) ); // result: 486.3956513042483


Name     Type Description
point GeoPoint GeoPoint object to which to measure distance.
options Object Required options object with one key, ‘type’. Same as options in distanceBetween()


This instance method returns a simple serialization of geoPoint.

For example:

var here = new loopback.GeoPoint({lat: 8, lng: 9});

Output is: