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Monorepo overview

The loopback-next repository uses lerna to manage multiple packages for LoopBack 4.

Package npm Description
acceptance/repository-cloudant (private) Acceptance tests for @loopback/repository + loopback-connector-cloudant
acceptance/repository-mongodb (private) Acceptance tests for @loopback/repository + loopback-connector-mongodb
acceptance/repository-mysql (private) Acceptance tests for @loopback/repository + loopback-connector-mysql
acceptance/repository-postgresql (private) Acceptance tests for @loopback/repository + loopback-connector-postgresql
authentication @loopback/authentication A component for authentication support
booter-lb3app @loopback/booter-lb3app A booter component for LoopBack 3 applications to expose their REST API via LoopBack 4.
boot @loopback/boot Convention based Bootstrapper and Booters
build @loopback/build A set of common scripts and default configurations to build LoopBack 4 or other TypeScript modules
cli @loopback/cli CLI for LoopBack 4
context @loopback/context Facilities to manage artifacts and their dependencies in your Node.js applications. The module exposes TypeScript/JavaScript APIs and decorators to register artifacts, declare dependencies, and resolve artifacts by keys. It also serves as an IoC container to support dependency injection.
core @loopback/core Define and implement core constructs such as Application and Component
docs @loopback/docs Documentation files rendered at
eslint-config @loopback/eslint-config ESLint configuration for LoopBack projects
example-access-control-migration @loopback/example-access-control-migration An access control example migrated from the LoopBack 3 repository loopback-example-access-control
example-context @loopback/example-context Standalone examples to illustrate features provided by @loopback/context
example-express-composition @loopback/example-express-composition A simple Express application that uses LoopBack 4 REST API
example-file-transfer @loopback/example-file-transfer An example showing how to expose APIs to upload files
example-greeter-extension @loopback/example-greeter-extension An example showing how to implement the extension point/extension pattern using LoopBack 4
example-hello-world @loopback/example-hello-world A simple hello-world application using LoopBack 4
example-lb3-application @loopback/example-lb3-application An example LoopBack 3 application mounted in a LoopBack 4 project.
example-log-extension @loopback/example-log-extension An example showing how to write a complex log extension for LoopBack 4
example-metrics-prometheus @loopback/example-metrics-prometheus An example to illustrate metrics provided by @loopback/extension-metrics and Prometheus.
example-rest-crud @loopback/example-rest-crud An example showing how to use @loopback/rest-crud to define default repository and controller classes
example-rpc-server @loopback/example-rpc-server An example RPC server and application to demonstrate the creation of your own custom server
example-soap-calculator @loopback/example-soap-calculator A tutorial demonstrating integration with a SOAP webservice
example-todo-list @loopback/example-todo-list Continuation of the todo example using relations in LoopBack 4
example-todo @loopback/example-todo A basic tutorial for getting started with Loopback 4
example-validation-app @loopback/example-validation-app An example demonstrating how to add validation in a LoopBack 4 application
extension-health @loopback/extension-health Expose health check related endpoints
extension-logging @loopback/extension-logging Add Winston Logger and Fluentd integration
extension-metrics @loopback/extension-metrics Report metrics to Prometheus
http-caching-proxy @loopback/http-caching-proxy A caching HTTP proxy for integration tests. NOT SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTION USE!
http-server @loopback/http-server A wrapper for creating HTTP/HTTPS servers
metadata @loopback/metadata Utilities to help developers implement TypeScript decorators, define/merge metadata, and inspect metadata
model-api-builder @loopback/model-api-builder Types and helpers for packages contributing Model API builders.
openapi-spec-builder @loopback/openapi-spec-builder Builders to create OpenAPI (Swagger) specification documents in tests
openapi-v3 @loopback/openapi-v3 Decorators that annotate LoopBack artifacts with OpenAPI v3 metadata and utilities that transform LoopBack metadata to OpenAPI v3 specifications
repository-json-schema @loopback/repository-json-schema Convert a TypeScript class/model to a JSON Schema
repository @loopback/repository Define and implement a common set of interfaces for interacting with databases
repository-tests @loopback/repository-tests A shared test suite to verify @loopback/repository functionality with a given compatible connector
rest @loopback/rest Expose controllers as REST endpoints and route REST API requests to controller methods
rest-crud @loopback/rest-crud REST API controller implementing default CRUD semantics
service-proxy @loopback/service-proxy A common set of interfaces for interacting with service oriented backends such as REST APIs, SOAP Web Services, and gRPC microservices
testlab @loopback/testlab A collection of test utilities we use to write LoopBack tests
tsdocs @loopback/tsdocs An internal package to generate api docs using Microsoft api-extractor and api-documenter

We use npm scripts declared in package.json to work with the monorepo managed by lerna. See Developing LoopBack for more details.