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Monorepo overview

The loopback-next repository uses lerna to manage multiple packages for LoopBack 4.

Package npm Description
authentication @loopback/authentication A component for authentication support
boot @loopback/boot Convention based Bootstrapper and Booters
build @loopback/build A set of common scripts and default configurations to build LoopBack 4 or other TypeScript modules
cli @loopback/cli CLI for LoopBack 4
context @loopback/context Facilities to manage artifacts and their dependencies in your Node.js applications. The module exposes TypeScript/JavaScript APIs and decorators to register artifacts, declare dependencies, and resolve artifacts by keys. It also serves as an IoC container to support dependency injection.
core @loopback/core Define and implement core constructs such as Application and Component
docs @loopback/docs Documentation files rendered at
example-hello-world (private) A simple hello-world application using LoopBack 4
example-log-extension (private) An example showing how to write a complex log extension for LoopBack 4
example-rpc-server (private) An example RPC server and application to demonstrate the creation of your own custom server
example-soap-calculator (private) A tutorial demonstrating integration with a SOAP webservice
example-todo (private) A basic tutorial for getting started with Loopback 4
example-todo-list (private) Continuation of the todo example using relations in LoopBack 4
http-caching-proxy @loopback/http-caching-proxy A caching HTTP proxy for integration tests. NOT SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTION USE!
http-server @loopback/http-server A wrapper for creating HTTP/HTTPS servers
metadata @loopback/metadata Utilities to help developers implement TypeScript decorators, define/merge metadata, and inspect metadata
openapi-spec-builder @loopback/openapi-spec-builder Builders to create OpenAPI (Swagger) specification documents in tests
openapi-v3 @loopback/openapi-v3 Decorators that annotate LoopBack artifacts with OpenAPI v3 metadata and utilities that transform LoopBack metadata to OpenAPI v3 specifications
openapi-v3-types @loopback/openapi-v3-types TypeScript type definitions for OpenAPI Specifications
repository-json-schema @loopback/repository-json-schema Convert a TypeScript class/model to a JSON Schema
repository @loopback/repository Define and implement a common set of interfaces for interacting with databases
rest @loopback/rest Expose controllers as REST endpoints and route REST API requests to controller methods
testlab @loopback/testlib A collection of test utilities we use to write LoopBack tests

We use npm scripts declared in package.json to work with the monorepo managed by lerna. See Developing LoopBack for more details.