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This project contains a list of standalone examples to illustrate Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) capabilities provided by @loopback/context.


Example Description
binding-types.ts Various ways to provide values for a binding
configuration-injection.ts Configuration for bindings and injection of configurations
context-chain.ts Contexts are chained to create a hierarchy of registries
context-observation.ts Observe context (bind/unbind) and context view (refresh) events
custom-configuration-resolver.ts Override how configuration is resolved from a given binding
custom-inject-decorator.ts How to create a new decorator for custom injections
custom-inject-resolve.ts How to specify a custom resolve function for bindings
dependency-injection.ts Different styles of dependency injection
find-bindings.ts Different flavors of finding bindings in a context
injection-without-binding.ts Perform dependency injection without binding a class
interceptor-proxy.ts Get proxies to intercept method invocations
parameterized-decoration.ts Apply decorators that require parameters as arguments
sync-async.ts Resolve bindings with dependencies synchronously or asynchronously
value-promise.ts Handle synchronous or asynchronous results (ValueOrPromise)


Start all examples:

npm start

To run individual examples:

npm run build
node dist/<an-example>



Run npm test from the root folder.


See all contributors.