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Sidebars are defined in YAML files in the _data/sidebars directory. They are

File name Description
lb2_sidebar.yml LoopBack 2.x
lb3_sidebar.yml LoopBack 3.x
home_sidebar.yml Sidebar for home page and 404 page.
contrib_sidebar.yml For “Contributing to LoopBack”
community_sidebar.yml For “Community projects”
xx_lb2_sidebar.yml Localized sidebar for language “xx” (e.g. “es” for Spanish).

The format of the sidebar is straigthforward. Here’s an example:

title: Loopback 2.0
url: /doc/en/lb2/index.html

- title: 'Installation'
  url: /doc/en/lb2/Installation.html
  output: 'web, pdf'

  - title: 'Installing IBM API Connect'
    url: /doc/en/lb2/Installing-IBM-API-Connect.html
    output: 'web, pdf'

  - title: 'Installing StrongLoop'
    url: /doc/en/lb2/Installing-StrongLoop.html
    output: 'web, pdf'

    - title: 'Installing compiler tools'
      url: /doc/en/lb2/Installing-compiler-tools.html
      output: 'web, pdf'