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LoopBack Xamarin SDK example application

This repository contains a mobile app that demonstrates the Loopback Xamarin SDK. It contains:

  • Server directory: Loopback server application.
  • Client directory: The ToDo client app, created in Xamarin Studio with Xamarin Forms for iOS.



$ git clone

Run the server app

You can either run the LoopBack server app yourself, or connect to the demo app running at

Run your own server app

  1. Go to server folder: $ cd server
  2. Install dependencies: $ npm install
  3. Run the application: $ node .

Use StrongLoop’s server app

Alternatively, you can run the Xamarin client app against

Edit LBXamarinSDK.cs and change BASE_URL to

Run the client app

Open the client app solution with Xamarin Studio: loopback-example-xamarin/Client/Todo App/TodoApp.sln.

In Xamarin Studio, build and run the app:

Xamarin demo - build app

The iOS Simulator will appear running the client app. It may take a moment or two.

Xamarin demo app login

In the iOS Simulator:

  1. The first time you run the app, click Sign Up:
    • Enter an email address and password (they are not validated).
    • Click Sign Up
    • If you already signed up in this session, click Login with the credentials you entered previously.
  2. You’ll see the app home page:
    Xamarin demo app home page
  3. Enter a “To Do” item:
    Xamarin demo - adding a To Do item
    • Click +
    • Click **Add a task + **
    • Enter a description of the task in the top (red) text field
    • Change the date, time, category and mark as a favorite if you wish.
    • Click Create to add the item.

You’ll see the item appear in the “To Do” list. Xamarin demo app - To Do item added

You can confirm that the data is also added to the LoopBack model using LoopBack API Explorer.

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