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This is a modified LoopBack 4 Todo application with JWT authentication, using the @loopback/authentication-jwt extension.


This tutorial demonstrates how to add JWT authentication to the Todo application.


Start the application by running npm start and go to http://localhost:3000/explorer. You’ll see the 3 new endpoints under UserController together with the other endpoints under TodoController.

API Explorer screenshot

  1. Sign up using the/signup API

    Since we don’t have any users created, click on POST /signup. For the requestBody, the minimum you need is email and password. i.e.

      "email": "",
      "password": "testuser2"
  2. Log in using thePOST /users/login API

    After calling /users/login , the response body will look something like:

      "token": "aaaaaaaaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    Copy the token. Go to the top of the API Explorer, click the “Authorize” button.

    API Explorer with Authorize Button

    Paste the token that you previously copied to the “Value” field and then click Authorize.

    authorize dialog

    In the future API calls, this token will be added to the Authorization header .

  3. Get all todos using GET /todos API You should be able to call this API successfully.



Run npm test from the root folder.


See all contributors.