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This module provides API docs generation for @loopback/* packages.

It’s built on top of


Basic Use

Build api reports and doc models

npm run extract-apidocs -- --report

The command above will traverse all TypeScript packages in the monorepo and run api-extractor to generate api reports and doc models into loopback-next/docs/apidocs:

  • reports: api reports
  • reports-temp: temporary api reports
  • models: doc models

Generate api docs as markdown files

npm run document-apidocs

It runs api-documenter to generate markdown files into loopback-next/docs/site/apidocs.

Update api docs for Jekyll site

npm run update-apidocs

It adds Jekyll metadata to markdown files in loopback-next/docs/site/apidocs and generates loopback-next/docs/site/apidocs/ as the index page.

To run all steps together:

npm run build:tsdocs


npm install --save @loopback/tsdocs



Run npm test from the root folder.


See all contributors.