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LoopBack mobile application to show developers how to use LoopBack Open Node.js Mobile API Middle tier.

Setting up the Development Environment

  1. Install Eclipse Android Development Tools
  2. Open Window > Android SDK Manager, make sure you have these modules installed:
    • Tools > Android SDK Platform-tools 18 or newer
    • Tools > Android SDK Build-tools 18 or newer
    • Android 4.3 (API 18) > SDK Platform
    • Extras > Google Play Services
  3. Import the Android project in this directory:
    • Run File > Import
    • Select Android > Existing Android Code Into Workspace
    • Choose the directory where you have the Getting Started application.
    • Select LoopBackExample for import
  4. Import Google Play services library project into your workspace. The project is located inside the directory where you have installed i the Android SDK.
    • Run File > Import
    • Select Android > Existing Android Code Into Workspace
    • Go to

    • Select google-play-services_lib for import
    • Check “Copy projects into workspace”
    • Click “Finish”.

    See this page for more details: Set Up Google Play Services SDK

  5. Add google-play-services_lib as a build dependency of the Guide Application
    • In the Package Explorer, select LoopbackGuideApplication
    • Run File > Project Properties
    • Select Android
    • In the Library frame, click on “Add…” and select google-play-services_lib
  6. Obtain an API key for Google Maps Android API v2 instructions and enter it into AndroidManifest.xml.

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