There are many LoopBack example apps and tutorials.
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Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to create an example app that illustrates one or more core LoopBack features. In general, these tutorials are intended to be followed in order.

  Name Description
1 loopback-getting-started START HERE to learn the basics of LoopBack. Follow Getting started with LoopBack to understand it.
2 loopback-getting-started-intermediate Full-stack example that builds on loopback-getting-started. Follow Getting started part II to understand it.
3 loopback-example-database Basic database-related features.
4 loopback-example-relations Model relations and filtering via REST.
5 loopback-example-app-logic How to add your own logic to a LoopBack app.
6 loopback-example-access-control Controlling access to your API endpoints.

Topic-specific examples

These examples illustrate specific LoopBack features.

Name Description
loopback-example-angular-live-set LoopBack/AngularJS app using HTML5 realtime server-sent events.
loopback-example-connector Remote, REST API, and SOAP connector. Community example.
loopback-example-middleware Using middleware. Community example.
loopback-example-mixins Loading mixins; observing changes and adding model attributes.
loopback-example-offline-sync Offline synchronization with Loopback.
loopback-example-passport Example of using the Third-party login (Passport) component.
loopback-example-pubsub Example using StrongLoop publish-subscribe messaging, strong-pubsub. Community example.
loopback-example-push Example of LoopBack push notifications, with iOS and Android clients.
loopback-example-ssl SSL with LoopBack.
loopback-example-storage How to use storage providers such as Amazon, Azure, Openstack and Rackspace with LoopBack.
loopback-example-user-management How to register, log in / log out, and verify users; how to reset a user's password.

Client SDK examples

These examples illustrate use of LoopBack’s client SDKs.

Name Description
loopback-android-getting-started Using LoopBack Android SDK
loopback-example-angular Using AngularJS client.
loopback-example-isomorphic Using the LoopBack API on both client and server (isomorphic LoopBack). Community example.
loopback-example-xamarin Using Xamarin SDK. Community example.
loopback-ios-getting-started Using LoopBack iOS SDK