The SOAP generator creates models from a SOAP web service.

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Generate models based on SOAP web service.

lb soap [options] [<wsdl_file>]

Where <wsdl_file> is the URL or local path to a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file.

For more information and an example, see Connecting to SOAP web services.


-h, --help Print the generator’s options and usage.

--skip-cache Do not remember prompt answers. Default is false.

--skip-install Do not automatically install dependencies. Default is false.

Interactive Prompts

The tool will prompt you for the necessary information and then modify the Model definition JSON file accordingly.

The generator prompts for:

  • URL or path to WSDL file to use. The tool will use any value provided on the command-line as the default.
  • Service to use from the specified WSDL specification.
  • Binding to use from the specified service.
  • Operations to generate from the specified binding and service. You must choose at least one operation.