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Adds a new property to an existing LoopBack model.

lb property [options]

With IBM API Connect developer toolkit:

apic create --type model [options]

With legacy StrongLoop tools:

slc loopback:property [options]


-h, --help
質問の回答を記憶しません。既定値は false です。
依存関係を自動的にインストールしません。既定値は false です。
-n, --name
With IBM API Connect developer toolkit only, optionally provide the name of the property as the value of this option.  If provided, the tool will use that as the default when it prompts for the name.

Interactive Prompts

The tool will prompt you for the:

  • Model to which to add the new property.
  • Name of the property to add.
  • Data type of the property.
  • Whether the property is required.


The tool modifies the Model definition JSON file to add the specified property to the specified model.