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A LoopBack 4 component for authentication support. Its corresponding documentation is in LoopBack component authentication



This component contains the core logic for the authentication layer in LoopBack 4.

It contains:

  • A decorator to express an authentication requirement on controller methods
  • A provider to access method-level authentication metadata
  • An action in the REST sequence to enforce authentication (No longer needed for middleware based sequence)
  • An extension point to discover all authentication strategies and handle the delegation


npm install --save @loopback/authentication

Basic Use

Load the AuthenticationComponent into your application.

Extension developers need to:

Application Developers need to:

Create and register a passport based strategy

For detailed documentation, see AuthenticationComponent.

For a tutorial on how to add JWT authentication to an application, see How to secure your LoopBack 4 application with JWT authentication.

For some background on our design decisions, please read Multiple Authentication strategies.


Starting from version @loobpack/authentication@3.0.0, UserProfile needs to be imported from @loopback/security and it’s not backward compatible with the one exported from @loobpack/authentication@2.x. Make sure you follow the new tutorial to build the authentication system.



run npm test from the root folder.


See all contributors.