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Migrating from LoopBack 3 to LoopBack 4

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Nora Abdelgadir

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Following the announcement of LoopBack 4 GA in October, LoopBack 3 entered Active Long Term Support (LTS). In March, we announced that LoopBack 3 will receive extended LTS until December 2019. We made this choice to provide LoopBack 3 users more time to move to LoopBack 4 and for us to improve the migration experience. In order to incrementally migrate from LoopBack 3 to LoopBack 4, we have since introduced a way to mount your LoopBack 3 applications in a LoopBack 4 project.

Miroslav investigated different approaches for migration which you can see in the Migration epic. He settled on mounting the LoopBack 3 application in a LoopBack 4 project as part of incremental migration (see the PoC here). In this approach, the entire LoopBack 3 application is mounted, including its runtime dependencies. The LoopBack 3 Swagger spec is also converted to LoopBack 4 OpenAPI v3 and a unified spec is created.

If you are a current LoopBack 3 user who wants to migrate to LoopBack 4, learn all the steps needed to mount your application in this Migrating from LoopBack 3 doc.

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