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LoopBack 4 September 2020 Milestone Update

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Yaapa Hage

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We bring another month of new features, fixes, and improvements in documentation and developer experience in LoopBack. Make sure to update your compatible projects with lb4 update if you want to update the underlying libraries to their latest versions.

Also, as part of our long-term effort to encourage more community contributions, we are participating in this year’s Hacktoberfest. You can read more about the event and participation details at our Hacktoberfest blogpost.

Documentation Enhancements​

There has been a continuous effort to improve our documentation. Below are some highlights for this month:

New Experimental Features​

Investigation on Better Handling of ObjectID in MongoDB​

We spent a good amount of time to improve the experience of using ObjectID with LoopBack. We have identified the direction we want to take and the tasks to work on. You can learn more about the spike in issue 3456.

Fixes and Improvements​

Community Contributions​

Shout out to Rifa Achrinza for explaining the differences between weak and strong relations in PR 6404, MessagePack PR, and his numerous other PRs.

Opening issues are community contributions too, so thanks to all those who help LoopBack become better by reporting bugs and usability issue. We try to address popular issues with higher priority, so continue to let us know the problems you face on GitHub or Slack.

Enriching LoopBack and its Community - You are Invited!​

As mentioned in our recent blog post, your contribution is important to make LoopBack a sustainable open source project.

Here is what you can do:

Let's make LoopBack a better framework together!