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· 5 min read
Miroslav Bajtoš

Originally published on

It has been almost a year since LoopBack 4.0 GA was announced. Since then, we have been working hard on closing the feature gap between the new and the old versions and looking for ways to simplify migration of projects built on LoopBack 3.

In June, we announced a new feature that allows LoopBack 3 applications to be mounted in LoopBack 4 projects, allowing developers to start writing new features using LoopBack 4 while keeping existing APIs powered by LoopBack 3 (Read more about it in this blog post).

Today, we are happy to announce a preview version of a tool automating migration of models from LoopBack 3 to LoopBack 4:

lb4 import-lb3-models

· 2 min read
Nora Abdelgadir

Originally published on

Following the announcement of LoopBack 4 GA in October, LoopBack 3 entered Active Long Term Support (LTS). In March, we announced that LoopBack 3 will receive extended LTS until December 2019. We made this choice to provide LoopBack 3 users more time to move to LoopBack 4 and for us to improve the migration experience. In order to incrementally migrate from LoopBack 3 to LoopBack 4, we have since introduced a way to mount your LoopBack 3 applications in a LoopBack 4 project.