Example LoopBack 3.x application that demonstrates using lb-declarative-e2e-test to write tests in an object definition style.
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This demo is available on Github: https://github.com/marc-ed-raffalli/loopback-example-tests

Library used: https://www.npmjs.com/package/lb-declarative-e2e-test


This community-contributed component/example is for LoopBack 3.x

This project showcase the different features of lb-declarative-e2e-test:

  • Test hooks: before, beforeEach, after, afterEach
  • Test only / skip
  • Authenticated requests
    • Customizable login endpoint
  • Response test:
    • status
    • header
    • body
    • custom (callback)

lb-declarative-e2e-test allows to write tests in an object definition style, it combines and exposes API from Mocha and supertest

Authenticated requests are fully supported, testing them becomes a no-brainer:

  name: 'admin CAN create',
  verb: 'post',
  auth: usersCredentials.admin,
  body: {some: 'value'},
  url: '/some/url/',
  expect: 200

Demo features

  • Tests
    • e2e
    • model validation (wip)
  • Watcher for TDD
  • Coverage

Running the demo

Installing dependencies:

npm install

Run the tests with coverage analysis:

npm test

Run the test with file watcher:

npm run test-watch


  • Node >= 8
  • LoopBack 3.x