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· 3 min read
Diana Lau

Originally published on

Welcome back to the September edition of the "Community Q&A Monthly Digest", in which we are curating some of the Q&A that we think it might be helpful to you. Thank you for posting your questions and helping your fellow LoopBack users.

The LoopBack Slack community is a platform where LoopBack users are helping each other out. If you haven't joined already, sign up today!

Let's take a look at some of the questions and answers from the community.

· 6 min read
Diana Lau

Originally published on

In the past, we've explored a few options on providing a forum for our users to help each other: Google group, Gitter and GitHub. We are pleased to announce that the LoopBack Slack workspace,, is available for our users to join. Since Slack is quite commonly used, we thought it would be a good time for us to modernize our tooling for the LoopBack community helping out each other out. Also, the LoopBack core team uses Slack on a daily basis; it is helpful because it allows us to get notifications and communicate efficiently.

There have been lots of great questions and answers. We thought it would be helpful to curate some of the discussions here. Thanks again for submitting the questions and answers!