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· 8 min read
Dave Whiteley

Originally published on

As 2019 draws to a close, we're continuing our annual tradition of celebrating the hard work that the LoopBack team achieved in the past year. As you might expect, developing LoopBack 4 was the main focus, with events, updates and "how to" content adding flavour to the mix. That focus has resulted in a lot of improvements and features for the framework, as well as quality interaction with the LoopBack community.

Grab your seasonal beverage of choice, whether hot or cold, and read on for a trip down 2019 memory lane!

· 4 min read
Diana Lau
Miroslav Bajtoš

Originally published on

This past October, we announced LoopBack 4 GA is ready for production use and updated the Long Term Support (LTS) schedule in our LTS page. Due to popular requests, LoopBack 3 now receives an extended long term support with updated timeline as shown in the table below.

VersionStatusPublishedActive LTS StartMaintenance LTS StartEnd-of-life
LoopBack 4CurrentOct 2018----Apr 2021(minimum)
LoopBack 3Active LTSDec 2016Oct 2018Dec 2019 (revised)Dec 2020 (revised)
LoopBack 2Maintenance LTSJul 2014Dec 2016Oct 2018Apr 2019

· 2 min read
Dave Whiteley

Originally published on

We've provided news, tutorials, and updates on LoopBack for almost as long as the StrongLoop site existed, and continued to do so after IBM acquired StrongLoop in 2015. Recently, IBM created another resource for LoopBack! In addition to accessing news of the open-source Node.js API Framework on this site, you can now also find news, code and more on the official IBM Developer LoopBack page.