Example of using the LoopBack remote connector.
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This is a very simple example of using the LoopBack remote connector, loopback-connector-remote.


The example has the following structure:

  • server: A LoopBack application that connects to a backend data source (just the in-memory data source here) and provides a CRUD API (both Node and REST) to interact with the data source.
  • client: A Node application that connects to the LoopBack server application using the remote connector. This acts as a very simple Node client SDK for LoopBack.
  • common/models: Model definitions shared between client and server applications. Using a shared model definition ensures that client and server expect the same model structures. This simple example defines only one model: Person, with a single property, name.
  • examples: Contains examples of using the Node SDK in client to connect to the server API.
  • create.js: A simple example script that creates a new Person record (instance).

How to run the examples

Starting the Server

Initially, you need to run npm install to install all the dependencies for both client and server.
Then, start the server application.

$ cd client
$ npm install
$ cd ../server
$ npm install
$ node . 

Basic CRUD Example

Now in another shell, run an example that uses the client “SDK.”

$ node examples/create.js
Created Person...
{ name: 'Fred', id: 1 }

Now open LoopBack Explorer at This provides a view into the server application REST API.

Go to!/People/find to expand the GET /People operation. Then click Try it!.

In Response Body, you will see the record that create.js created via the Node client SDK:

    "name": "Fred",
    "id": 1

Auth Example

This example demonstrates the following basic tasks (using the remote connector):

  • registering a user
  • logging in as a user
  • defining a custom remote method
  • securing access to custom methods

After running the server, you can run the examples/auth.js example in a separate shell.

$ node examples/auth.js
Got error (Authorization Required) when trying to call method without auth
Registered a user
Logged in as foo@bar.com
Set access token for all future requests. (MGd...JMA==)
Called a custom method (myMethod) as a logged in user
Logged out and unset the acces token for future invocations
Got error (Authorization Required) when trying to call method without auth

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