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Creates a new LoopBack application.

$ [slc | apic] loopback:app [options] [<name>]


-h, --help Print the generator’s options and usage.

--skip-cache Do not remember prompt answers. Default is false.

--skip-install Do not automatically install dependencies. Default is false.


Provide the application name as an optional argument.  The tool will create a directory of that name to contain the application.

Interactive Prompts

The generator will prompt you for:

  • Name of the directory in which to create your application.  Press Enter to create the application in the current directory.
  • Name of the application, that defaults to the directory name you previously entered.

The tool creates the standard LoopBack application structure.  See Project layout reference for details.

After you create an application, you can run additional generators from the application root directory:

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