The Oracle connector enables LoopBack applications to connect to Oracle data sources.
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The Oracle Connector module for for loopback-datasource-juggler.

For full documentation, see the official Documentation.

NOTE: This connector is compatible with Node v.0.10.x, v.12.x, and iojs v1.6.2.


To simplify the installation of node-oracledb module and Oracle instant clients, we introduce loopback-oracle-installer as a dependency which installs and configures node-oracledb (oracledb) upon npm install.

Please note config.oracleUrl is the property to define the base URL to download the corresponding node-oracle (oracledb) bundle for the local environment.

The bundle file name is loopback-oracle-<platform>-<arch>-<version>.tar.gz. The version is the same as the version in package.json.

"dependencies": {
    "loopback-oracle-installer": "git+ssh://",
"config": {
    "oracleUrl": ""

The oracleUrl can be overridden via LOOPBACK_ORACLE_URL environment variable.

For example, the full URL for v1.5.0 for MacOSX is:

libaio library is required on Linux systems:

  • On Ubuntu/Debian

      sudo apt-get install libaio1
  • On Fedora/CentOS/RHEL

      sudo yum install libaio

Please make sure c:\instantclient_12_1\vc10 comes before c:\instantclient_12_1


  • example/app.js: Demonstrate the asynchronous discovery
  • example/app-sync.js: Demonstrate the synchronous discovery

Running tests

The tests in this repository are mainly integration tests, meaning you will need to run them using our preconfigured test server.

  1. Ask a core developer for instructions on how to set up test server credentials on your machine
  2. npm test



Error: ORA-24408: could not generate unique server group name

The Oracle 11g client requires an entry with your hostname pointing to

###1. Get your hostname

Check your hostname by running:

$ hostname
earth # assuming your machine's name is `earth`

###2. Update /etc/hosts

Map to your hostname in/etc/hosts:

... localhost earth # change `earth` to match your hostname

###3. Verify the fix

Run the example in examples/app.js:

$ node examples/app.js


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