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In addition to the connectors that StrongLoop provides and maintains, there are a number of connectors created by the open-source community.

The following table lists some of the community connectors. See for a complete list.

Data source Connector Notes
Apache CouchDB loopback-connector-couch  
Apache Kafka loopback-connector-kafka Provided as option by data source generator.
ArangoDB loopback-connector-arangodb  
Couchbase loopback-connector-couchbase Example at loopback-example-couchbase
Elasticsearch loopback-connector-es  
Fabric Composer loopback-connector-composer Enables integration with Blockchain applications that are built with Fabric Composer for Hyperledger Fabric
Firebase Firestore loopback-connector-firestore  
Firebase Realtime Database loopback-connector-realtime-database  
Google Cloud Datastore loopback-connector-google-cloud-datastore  
Mandrill lb-connector-mandrill Enables applications to send emails via Mandrill
Neo4j loopback-connector-neo4j Provided as option by data source generator.
NOTE: This connector has known issues.
RavenDB loopback-connector-ravendb  
RethinkDB loopback-connector-rethinkdb  
Riak loopback-connector-riak  
SAP HANA loopback-connector-saphana Provided as option by data source generator.
SQLite loopback-connector-sqlite  
Twilio loopback-connector-twilio Example in GitHub.