StrongLoop's publish-subscribe messaging system is called strong-pubsub.
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Strong-pubsub is a library of modules that implement the basic publish-subscribe programming model without a strict dependency on any transport mechanism (websockets, HTTP, and so on) or protocol (MQTT, STOMP, AMQP, Redis, and so on).

Instead of implementing a specific transport, strong-pubsub enables you to swap out an underlying adapter that implements a pub-sub protocol (for example MQTT). It also enables you to swap out an underlying transport (TCP, TLS, WebSockets, or even Primus).

The following table summarizes all the pub-sub related modules.

Module Documentation Description
strong-pubsub Strong Pub-sub
API documentation
Main StrongLoop pub-sub module. It exports a Client class that provides a unified pubsub client in Node.js and browser (client JavaScript). It supports subscribing to topics. Clients can connect to brokers or proxies that support the client adapter’s protocol.
strong-pubsub-bridge Pub-sub bridge
API documentation
Enables Clients to connect to a broker indirectly so a client using one protocol can connect to a broker that requires another andc reating hooks to inject logic between the client and the broker to implement authentication and authorization.
strong-pubsub-connection-mqtt API documentation Upgrade a Socket into a strong-pubsub MQTT Connection.
strong-pubsub-mqtt MQTT adapter MQTT Adapter for strong-pubsub.
strong-pubsub-redis Redis pub-sub adapter Redis backend.
strong-pubsub-primus Primus pub-sub adapter Primus compatibility layer.
strong-pubsub-example Node pub-sub example app Simple example Node application using pub-sub.
loopback-example-pubsub LoopBack pub-sub example app Simple example LoopBack application using pub-sub.